Monday, November 19, 2012

Jenelle Evans Announces Her Engagement

Jenelle had big news to announce while live chatting on ustream during the newest episode of Teen Mom 2. 
She waited until the end of the episode to tell everyone what it was.Of course we all had put together earlier in the day that the two had gotten engaged, but this was her way of officially announcing it. 

Jenelle says "I know we've been dating for 2 months, there is a reason behind it but I'm not going to tell you what it is." she went on to say that: "There is a reason behind it. If you knew the reason you would know, you would understand why we are taking this fast." 

The first thing that popped into my mind (and I'm sure everyone else's) was... oh shit, she is pregnant again, but she quickly cleared that up before the rumors could start swirling.
"I'm not pregnant, I'm not pregnant at all." 

However the two have already thought about having children and are in fact looking forward to it. 
"We do want to have a baby, we picked out names. We want a girl, he wants a girl, he has a little girl already.. we've been in the same situation, we relate to each other." (Courtland has some baby mama drama and for whatever reason can't see his daughter as often as he should.) 

Jenelle ended her ustream session by thanking everyone and saying that she hopes everyone is happy for them. I wish I could be happy for her but I'm running low on optimism for her. I've always rooted for her to do better and be happy but the same things just keep happening. She and Court had a huge fight last night which was displayed on facebook, today they are engaged. So I guess time will tell.