Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catelynn & Maci Attend Restore the Shore

Last week Maci, Catelynn and many other MTV stars came together for the Restore the Shore Telethon in an attempt to help the Jersey Shore recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. 

If you would like to do your part by donating you can do that here on the official Restore the Shore page: Donate Now!

They also have these awesome t-shirts you can by as well. Here is Catelynn modeling one: 

Head over the site I linked above and watch highlights of the Restore the Shore special and make your contribution! Keep the families affected by Hurricane Sandy in your prayers! 

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 2 Recap
"Keeping Hope Alive"

It's Chelsea's 20th Birthday and Adam has a surprise for her. He gives her a promise ring, which he isn't even excited to give her... just kind of plops it in her lap and then lounges on the couch as she opens the gift. He says that it means he is sticking around... Chelsea swoons as usual and then has to break the news to her parents who as usual think it's a load of crap. Chelsea also quits her job in this episode because her manager hurt her feelings when she argued about her hours and pay. Bye bye tanning salon.

Kail is feeling lonely in this episode after Jo's rejection, so she starts thinking about Jordan again who has been quickly waiting on the back burner for her to come around. She meets up with him to talk and they sort of get back together. He honestly seems more interested than she does. She talks a lot about her mom also, because she could really use a parent to talk to about everything going on, but her mom blocks her number. 

Oh Jenelle. The time has come for her drug test and she panics because she knows that she smoked week less than a week before hand. In a last attempt to try and pass she gets a drink from the tobacco store to flush out her system. Babs tells her to do whatever she needs to do but also that she needs to just stop smoking weed. As expected the drug screening doesn't go well and now has to face that she may be heading to jail. She cries about not being able to smoke weed and tells her mom the too much has happened for her to use the copping skills she learned in rehab....

Leah still wants to work things out with Corey but he keeps saying no. The two go to mediation and agree on a schedule of who will have the girls when. Corey gets them 3 weekends out of the month, and Leah has them during the week. He tells her that he was sick of chasing her. Leah gets upset and looks through Corey's e-mails and discovers that he has been talking to other girls. Needless to say Leah is devastated by this news and confronts Corey about it being too soon. He tells her that she talks to other guys so it doesn't matter.