Monday, November 26, 2012

Jenelle Uses Heroin Says Ex-Friend:

A lot has happened this past week in the world of Jenelle Evans. She got engaged to her new boyfriend of only a few months Courtland Rogers (who allegedly totaled Jenelle's car over the weekend.). She also wound up in the hospital for what she says is a problem with an ovarian cyst. She claims that she needs surgery and that is why she is in the hospital for a while. 

Over the past few days rumors have been flying about Jenelle being in the hospital due to a drug overdose and while I normally take these claims with a grain of salt it's overwhelming the number of people coming forward about it. A lot of people close to Jenelle and Courtland are claiming that the two are on Heroin.

Last week during Jenelle's live chat on during the new episode of Teen Mom (pictured above) she looked very thin and exhausted. She said that she had been up the night before playing video games and that is why the two were so tired. Their behavior during the chat session was a bit odd. It was hard to understand them at times. Courtland was eyeing the camera as he open mouth kissed Jenelle constantly. The chat was filled with fans telling them that they looked high. Which honestly...they did. 

Here is a screen shot taken from twitter of Jenelle's ex best friend Allison talking about Jenelle doing Heroin.
(Click the photos to make them bigger) 

Here is a rather random tweet from someone claiming to be in the hospital room next door to Jenelle's. This is one that you really can't believe 100% since we don't know this person at all, but interesting none the less. 

Blast from the past Kieffer Delp's mother basically admitting to Jenelle and Kieffer using heroin.

Now for the most compelling screen shots I found on the topic. A post by Courtland's "baby mama's" sister. She explains that Taylor (Courtland's "baby mama") doesn't want their daughter around him or Jenelle because of their drug use. In particular the heroin:

She also says at the end there that Courtland referred to Jenelle as "Teen Mom" and not her actual name which disturbs me quite a bit. Whether or not Jenelle is actually on hard drugs is still to be determined but I do find it odd that so many people would be saying it all at the same time. I've also been saying for a few weeks now that Jenelle doesn't look quite right. She is too thin and she looks sick. She has been in and out of the hospital for problems with ovarian cysts.. (that is what she says anyway) so who knows. Whatever is going on, I hope they get help and get healthy.