Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 3 Recap
"Things Come to an End" 

After failing her drug test Jenelle has to decide whether she can continue probation or take a couple of weeks in jail and be done with all of it. The choice is tough for her though because she has a Ke$ha concert coming up that she just can't miss... That's right, Ke$ha - Jenelle's idol. Her extremely patient lawyer basically tells her she needs to make a decision. She complains a lot about not being able to quit smoking, which is why she would rather take the jail time and be done with probation... I can't ever stop shaking my head when I watch her segments. Weed is illegal in her state whether on probation or not and she needs to realize that quitting should not be a temporary thing. Jenelle doesn't get a chance to decide whether or not she wants to go to jail in the end. Since failing one drug test she started smoking more and more and failed another random drug test. She was arrested on the spot.

Leah and Corey are ready (sort of) to finalize their divorce. Corey buys a new truck and Leah gets really upset about it.If my memory is correct I do believe he buys a house too soon after the truck. I'll never understand why separately they could both afford to buy houses and a truck (along with lawyers and what not) but they couldn't afford it when they were together? The truck and house were not why they broke up. These two just couldn't swallow their pride and work things out. Leah breaks down about the whole situation

In this episode Kailyn finds photos of Jo and his new girlfriend on facebook with the caption "Tipsy." It was posted on a night that he should have had his son Isaac. He admits to Kailyn that Isaac was with his mother but not that he was drinking. Kail decides that if Jo isn't going to be spending that time with Isaac that she would rather have him. So she is taking him to mediation to get more weekend time with Isaac.

Adam has been staying at Chelsea's house but of course Randy has no idea. After picking up Aubree for the day he goes in Chelsea's garage and sees all of Adams stuff. He puts his foot down this time and after a huge fight he forces Adam to pack up his stuff and leave. After that Adam started being distant again and not answering Chelsea's calls. She goes ahead with with planning and setting up Aubree's Birthday party which Adam shows up 2 hours late for. They don't really talk to each other much and Chelsea didn't even know what Adam bought Aubree for her Birthday. It was awkward.