Friday, November 30, 2012

"Ask Maci" Review/Recap & Photos:

Last night I tuned in for the radio segment called "Ask Maci" on KISSFM 103.7 in which Maci answers questions from fans. I started listening assuming that it was a show hosted by Maci considering her self given title of "TV/Radio host" and that it would be some sort of half hour show all about Maci. I was wrong. There really isn't any "show" going on. The radio station plays music and every couple of songs Maci will pop on and answer one question, then it's back to the music. Other radio personalities also come on to talk about songs and other dj type things as well. So I was disappointed when I had been listening for 20 minutes before Maci even made her appearance.

In the 2 hours of listening, I only got to hear Maci answer 7 questions. So here they are:

1. First a Teen Mom fan asked if Maci ever regretted breaking up with Ryan, since she would still have to see Ryan knowing they weren't a family anymore. Maci says that she doesn't regret it because she wants Bentley to grow up knowing what a good relationship is, and his parents don't need to be together for him to experience that. She also said that she and Ryan get along great now and that Ryan has Bentley very often.

2. A new young mother asked Maci what advice she could give her about being a new mom. Maci told her to enjoy the time with her newborn and to basically not "think too much."

3. Another young women asked Maci for relationship advice. She had been "dating" a guy for a few weeks but he wasn't really talking to her, she felt like they didn't really have a relationship and wanted to know what she should do. Maci tells her to do nothing. She says the ball is in his court so "if he wants to talk to you he will, if not.... let someone else talk to you." 

4. A mother asks Maci how she stays in great shape after having a child. Maci tells her that she can't help her because she doesn't work out or eat really healthy. She is just lucky and has a fast metabolism....

5.  Another mom asks how Maci is able to juggle everything and still spend time with Bentley. Maci tells her that she is willing to take time off of work to spend time with Bentley..... (Come on Maci... that's not advice for an average person with bills to pay.) 

6. The sixth caller asks how She deals with seeing Ryan with his girlfriend. Maci says that she no longer has feelings for Ryan (I call shananagins) so seeing Ryan date wasn't a struggle for her. She said that it took time for her to get to know Dalis and that she wants Bentley to have a close friendship with her. 

7.  The final question of the night was what Maci thought about the popular opinion that "Teen Mom" glamorizes Teen Pregnancy. Maci says that the people who say that have never watched the show. (I've heard Maci give this same answer many times before.) She said that being a Teen Mom is not fun or easy and that being on magazine covers is not glamorous. 

As much as I love Teen Mom lets be real here, the magazines, the daily diapers, the boy troubles... those aren't the things that make the show glamorous to some viewers. It's the designer clothes, the hair, expensive makeup, iPhones, nails, new cars and houses. Just once I would like for one of them to explain how that stuff isn't a little bit glamorous to the many young moms out there who can hardly afford to make ends meet.... but I digress. 

Back to Maci's Radio "show," I'm disappointed all around. Maci's answers to questions were quick, impersonal and rarely helpful. Top that with the fact that you have to sit through a random mixture of music for 2 hours just to hear a few answers... and the fact that Maci was monotone and didn't sound like she was happy to be there at all, I'm thinking this segment wont be lasting long. 

PS: What's this camera doing here?