Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jenelle & Courtland Married?

Today it was reported that Jenelle and Courtland (who have only been dating for a few months...) are now married! Jenelle's sister was quoted saying "My sister got married this morning, it was a shotgun courthouse wedding... my mom was totally shocked and had to hear it from somebody else." Ashleigh also says that she believes Jenelle did this to distract people from all of the drug allegations floating around about Jenelle and Courtland. She also says that Jenelle thinks it will be easier to get Jace back if she is married. 

Courtland has been saying that he can't wait for her last name to be "Rogers"... but he went and got a tattoo that says "Jenelle Evans" on his chest... I guess you could add the "Rogers" in later....

Maci Bookout Caught With Filming Crew! Photos!

I reported a while ago that Maci was filming a spin off show. She and MTV have since denied that they are working on any kind of "spin off." Perhaps they are working on another kind of show then? A source close to Maci tells me that they have been filming her since her 21st Birthday. Now new photos surface of Maci partying at a club over the weekend with a camera crew filming away. 

Photo credit: Antares Photography
Maci also posted this photo on her twitter, saying that she was working 3 jobs at once. One being the radio show she does on Thursday nights. What are the other two? Could it be filming for another show? 

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 4
"Life Goes On" 

Chelsea has another GED test coming up that she really needs to study for. She is depressed though since Adam is once again isn't returning her calls. So she goes to a concert with her friends to cheer herself up. Luckily the fact that she doesn't study at all didn't affect her ability to pass the GED test she had to take. 

Leah wants to go to nursing school to make a better life for herself and her girls. She goes to look at a school and she ends up committing to taking the placement test for it the very next day. She really should have given herself some time to study because she doesn't make the minimum requirements to get into the school. Lucky for her the school accepts her anyway! Later on she gets a friend request from a cute guy named Jeremy. XD

Oh Jenelle. It pains me to even write about her segment on the show. Obviously since Babs didn't bail her butt out of jail she had to find someone else who would sign for her. Jenelle knows a bonds woman that helps her get out (go figure) and her "best friend" Tori signs the paper work. I'm not even going to mention how incredibly stupid that was. Once out of jail her lawyer is of course pissed and tells her that he needs to talk to her as soon as possible. So Tori asks her is she wants to go see Ke$ha still. Of course they go. Once finally back home her mom is upset that she disappeared yet again. This is where things get even worse if you could imagine. Jenelle does her usual screaming at the top of her lungs while Barbara tries to talk to her. Jace put his adorable little face in his hands and cried. Jenelle clearly SEES this because Barbara tries to tell her that Jace is upset. What does she do? Comfort her child? No she runs out the door yelling and doesn't look back. Now she faces 45 days in Jail. 

Kail takes Jo to mediation so that she can get more time with him since Jo isn't using his time wisely. Jo thinks he can stop the change in custody from happening if he just disagrees with everything said during the meeting. He was wrong. The judge ruled in Kail's favor and Jo got really mad. He said he would appeal the decision, but the two end up working out a new agreement on their own.