Thursday, December 13, 2012

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 5 Recap
"Second Chances"

Leah met Jeremy (now husband) online and he gave her his number. She is all smiley and giggly and texts him. He asks her out on a date. The two went go kart racing and had a very cute time together. They talk a little bit in that awkward first real date kind of way. She even kissed him goodnight. (which you could totally tell she wanted to do SO bad from the look on her face.) Leah heads to school to start her nursing classes and gets a sweet surprise when Jeremy sends flowers to her school!

Facing 45 days in jail Jenelle and her infamous friend Tori make a pack to not smoke weed anymore. She writes a letter to her probation officer, asking if she can stay on probation and why she deserves another chance. (Using her son as her main reason....) She mentions how she made a schedule for herself to follow in the letter and I can't help but think back to when she was tweeting about it over a year ago. It was basically Wake up, shower, school, free time, Jace time, free time, free time, free time, bed. Miraculously her probation officer decides to give her another chance to do probation and not go to jail. Also Jace celebrates his 2nd Birthday in this one!

Kail doesn't know what to do about Jordan. She basically likes having him around so that she isn't lonely but wants to go hang out with her friends and not worry about him. So she thinks a break is a good idea. She tells Jordan that she needs space and he reluctantly agrees. Later when she decides she wants to work things out with him and talk to him about their relationship he ditches her for another girl.

Surprise surprise, Adam is being a douche again. He tells Chelsea that they are done yet again and that it's her dad's fault. She confronts her dad about it and her dad explains (again) all the reasons for why those two shouldn't be together. She understands but doesn't want to because she still hopes that Adam will grow up one day. She gets really depressed and ends up not taking her GED test that she had scheduled.