Friday, December 14, 2012

Farrah Releases a Children's Book & Perfume

Farrah is the ultimate teen mom entrepreneur! Not long after releasing a book about her life, "My Teenage Dream Ended," she is now ready to show the world her first children's book: Passy Perfume!   

Lets be honest, the book is basically an advertisement for her new toddler perfume line. The story is about Sophia's struggle to give up her pacifier. Sophia receives a "Passy Perfume" keepsake to replace her pacifier. 

You can buy this book on amazon (for your kindle) for $2.99

Here is the amazon description:
"Your most beloved reality star baby and mommy duo Farrah and Sophia Abraham from MTV's Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant original cast are back with their second book. New York Times best selling author of My Teenage Dream Ended, Farrah Abraham wanted to expand her literary creativity and make a book relatable for all parents and children and the answer was Passy Perfume.Farrah has struggled with Sophia for two years back and forth through her baby and toddler stages trying to break the bad habit of the pacifier,through crying, bribery and exhaustion. Farrah finally won with promising Sophia one thing, her very own Passy Perfume, something that is timeless and has no bad consequences like crooked teeth! Farrah Abraham plans to bring Passy Perfume to market for all parents and children alike to have children sparkle with happiness with their timeles keepsake Passy Perfume." 

Now here is a video of Sophia doing her best at reading the book: