Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maci and Ryan Getting Back Together??

This is something that Teen Mom fans have been dying to see happen since the two broke up. It's been pretty obvious to me (and maybe some of you) that Maci has held on to feelings for Ryan over the years. To me she always seemed disappointed when Ryan wouldn't get jealous or upset about her relationship with Kyle. Sadly Kyle and Maci split a while ago, leaving her available for traveling and partying which she has taken full advantage of this summer/fall. 

Ryan and Dalis split for reasons unknown at the moment. I believe the break up was just before Dalis tragically lost her mother. Ryan and Dalis have been good for the most part about keeping their relationship away from the public eye, so what happened between them we may never know. 

Well now, Ryan and Maci are single at the same time which hasn't happened in a very long time considering they both found long term relationships. It seems they are taking advantage of the opportunity to get close again though. Just after Ryan's split with Dalis he and Maci began following each other on twitter and are now talking about hanging out and drinking together! Maci has been hinting around that she has found love again too. "It's insane the emotions and feelings that have resurfaced these last few days... I think I've finally learned to feel something. Anything." She has also said: "I hate to disappoint anyone but I think I've found a replacement for Channing Tatum in my heart......." 

Right now all we know is that these two are on good terms, they are not only speaking but hanging out as well aaaand that Maci seems to be in love again. Will you be rooting for these two to get back together?