Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kailyn's Fiance/Husband Joining the Military!

There may be some truth to the rumor that Kailyn and Javi quickly got married recently. It seems that Javi may be joining the military! 

Many people on twitter are wishing him "good luck" and saying they will miss him. Someone who seems very close to Javi tweeted: "9 always and forever!!! @javim9 proud of our soldier!!! #airforce" 

Some others were referring to his 20th Birthday party as his "farewell" party also. It looks like Sunday is when he went to sign in and go through MEPS and what not. 

Many couples hurry up and get married before joining the military so that they get the full spousal benefits right away. They still plan on having a wedding though from what I can see. 

From what everyone is saying on twitter/instagram Javi has left for basic training and is going to be gone for quite a while. Click the photos to enlarge. 

Good Luck Javi!