Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maci Bookout Heartbroken Over Ryan Edwards?

Recently the Teen Mom world was buzzing with excitement of the possibility that Maci and Ryan would be getting back together. The two were spotted in a club together soon after Ryan and girlfriend Dalis Connell split. They also started following each other on twitter. Ryan even (jokingly?) proposed to Maci via tweet! She of course told him he was insane and that twitter isn't the place for that sort of thing. 

They seemed to be getting along great which left Teen Mom fans hopeful but it looks like things may not be going so well after all. An insider tells that while Maci wants to get back together with Ryan, he doesn't feel the same. "Maci and Ryan are no longer getting along. Maci thought he was serious about getting back together but Ryan has been hooking up with other girls. She's heartbroken and embarrassed and has been drinking her sorrows away in Dallas." 

Maci in Dallas partying with other rumored love interest.

Since leaving to hang out with her Texas crew Maci has retweeted "I have never been so disgusted or disappointed in someone. Clearly you lost your mind" and "you're f***ing heartless."