Friday, January 25, 2013

Farrah Rocks A Uni-Brow VIDEO

Recently Farrah got a lot of negative attention for plucking her 4 year old daughter Sophia's eyebrows. She was getting a lot of comments from people about Sophia having a uni-brow. She got sick of hearing it and though that maybe there was something she could do for her baby girl so that people would stop talking about it. 

Lets just be clear, Farrah didn't wax Sophia's eyebrows. She tried to (with warm wax) but only got as far as putting the wax on. Sophia made a huge mess with the wax so instead Farrah decided to pluck a few of the hairs while Sophia was sleeping. This was blown up into a huge thing that even landed Farrah and Sophia on the news!

“I’m gonna bring out my daughter Sophia, who was, like, sadly in the news on like ABC and the ‘Cooper Show’ or whatever and these people were trying to, like, bring up the unibrow as like ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ or something – which is so not the case for me.”

People were going crazy calling her a bad parent so in response to this Farrah spinned the situation and showed girls how they can rock a uni-brow. Her hilarious and sarcastic video is right below for those who want to check it out! 


  1. That was so cute! LOL

  2. That was sooo funny!!! I think it is ok for young toddlers to look natural...once Sophia gets old enough...then she and Farrah should take care of her unibrow!!!