Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jenelle & Courtland Get New Tattoos

Last night Jenelle and Courtland felt the need to get some new tattoos! 

Jenelle got a skull & rose on her forearm. It looks good and it surely matches the other skull and rose tattoos she has. 

Courtland went with a Confederate flag tattoo on his side.



  1. I think forearm tattoos look awful on girls.

  2. At least they look like they where done by a professional this time...

  3. How about the blatant racism that the confederate flag represents?! Another genius move by this ass

    1. Thank you!!! I was thinking the same thing. That's what you get from trailer trash.

    2. Being raised in the south, but also being a rational adult, I understand both meanings of what the flag represents. Does it represent a southern heritage and upbringing which has nothing to do with racesim, sometimes... Is it also a trashy way of claiming you are white trash... yes. Remember, the Civil War wasn't ONLY because of slavery, but they wanted to form their own nation.

      I do not oppose the stars and bars, but I would NEVER brand myself, truck, or house with it. I think I have worn them once in my life, and that is only because I was sponsored by Dixie Outfitters, so I was forced to.

      My mother raised me to believe that some people find that flag offensive so just try not to piss people off just because you are southern, go against the stereotypes.

      Its similar (I hope not to the extreme degree) to a swastika. It originally stood for good, and prosperity, but history and who associates themselves with the symbol has caused a second meaning for the flag.

    3. ^ Agreed, anon 10:23. I'm Southern too. While, I've never worn the Confederate flag or flown. The flag is a matter of our history, simple as that, even if it is seen by many to be a symbol of racism. I don't see Hindus stop using the swastika because it became a symbol of Nazism.

  4. i just love courtland's defense of the tattoo.. "i'm not racist my best friend is black!!1!!" he should understand that some people do find it offensive and racist. there was NO other tattoo he could've gotten for her? she couldn't think of anything else?

    but then again, the guy doesn't even know how old is daughter is. he's 27, got taylor pregnant at 15. jordan is 18 months, yet he's said he was 21 and 19 when taylor got pregnant? that's called statutory rape, sweet cheeks.

  5. I think for two young ppl who have no home of there own, who have children whos needs are endlessly never met, who owe ppl money that gets argued about on twitter everyday, should stop trashin up their bodies and grow the hell up and stop will the silly tatoos......when you've accomplished the important things in life like taking financial responsibility for your children, which does include a safe and stable home......then and only then should you brag about tatoos......I also find it funny that Courtland claims he works yet he's on twitter 24/7 argueing with his baby momma......I feel so sorry for these babies as they will never ever know a normal life!!!!!!!! GROW UP

  6. I don't see the flag as racist I see the flag as disrespectful to our country. The south wanted to break away. Getting it is saying you support the south, as it was in that time, thereby saying you do not support america as a whole.