Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Episode 8 Season 3 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Episode 8 Season 3
"Caught in the Middle"

Leah decides to tell Jeremy about Corey wanting to get back together. He is of course less than thrilled by the news and tells her that it's her choice. He tells her that he's now nervous to leave during the week knowing that Corey still has feelings for her. His job requires him to be gone for most of the week. 
Leah goes to Corey's so that they can talk about it. Corey tells her that he wants to get back together but he also kind of gives the impression that if they did try to work on things that he wouldn't want a full blown relationship right away. Sadly he doesn't have his mind completely made up and it doesn't look like Leah is willing to throw away what she has with Jeremy if Corey isn't sure about what he wants. 

Kail heads out to Texas to meet up with the family she has out there. She really just needs a change of scenery for a while. So while she is in Austin she decides to make it a mission to ride a bull, which is hilarious. She meets up with her half sister who she only met one other time. She is nervous about it but everything goes well. Kailyn and her sister look so much a like! Oddly both of their families kept the fact that they were sisters from them for most of their lives!

Chels is still working on that darn GED and also decides it's time to start potty training Aubree so she goes to buy a potty. She makes a potty chart and everything. She can't quite shake the thoughts of what it would be like if Adam was there doing these things with her. Which always confuses me because even when he is there he doesn't seem to really be involved anyway. Aubree resists the potty as a lot of young ones do! 

Jenelle is realizing that moving in with someone you have dated for a only a week probably wasn't the best idea. He is starting to get on her nerves and it's difficult to deal with since she stopped taking her meds for a while. She decides to take Jace to the pumpkin patch and prove her responsibility. She really hopes her mom will let her take Jace over night... but Barbara needs time to think about it. This results in a bit of an argument as usual and Jenelle leaves without saying goodbye to her son. When it's time for another family outing Jenelle decides not to go because she doesn't feel well... and her mood swings are back. She literally lays in bed and cries that she doesn't "feel good." Meanwhile Barbara is upset that yet again they are disappointing Jace. 

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  1. Does anyone know how long Jeremy and Leah had been together when Corey started saying he wanted to get back together?