Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 9
"A New Direction"

Jenelle and boyfriend Josh broke up so now she is on the move again, this time she is going to try living with her friend Amber, who also has a son. They go to look at a house and it's actually pretty cute. Barbara loves it too which is great. They move in and then Jenelle drops her classes. She missed too many days and can't handle taking classes and unpacking her house at the same time. -__- She's loosing money too because she still has to pay for those classes. Babs isn't happy about that of course. 

Leah needs to tell Jeremy what her decision is about getting back to Corey, the two site down and she tells him that she isn't going to back. Corey is too all over the place and doesn't know what he wants. So Leah is going to give this thing with Jeremy a real shot. Corey has the girls and we get to see him in daddy mode putting the girls to bed. Which was really sweet. He talks to a friend about how he needs to move on from Leah. 
Leah and the girls look at a new house, which is beautiful and perfect for them. Much bigger than the trailer. (Why can't I live in a state where you can rent a big house for $700 a month?? I'd be lucky if I found a small house for under $1200. Grrrr) After Leah gets the house Jeremy nonchalantly invites himself to move in with Leah in the girls. She is thrilled of course.

Chelsea is still working on her GED... and she is getting ready to take her math test again. Her mom is running late so there is no one home to help her when she lets the dogs out and they refuse to come back in. She captured Darla with the "lets go for a ride" fake out but couldn't find Frankie. She turns a corner and sees that Frankie was attacked by the neighbors Husky. Since the dog was so big and mean Chelsea couldn't do anything to stop it. Frankie sadly died. :( Chelsea was made to feel even worse when they told her that if her dog was on a leash she would still be alive. I just want to punch people in the face sometimes. Is that really the time to throw it in her face? Oi. Anyway, through all the craziness Chelsea still manages to take her test and pass. Thank God.  

Kailyn gets back from Texas and wants to see if Jo would be ok with her moving there one day. I'm sure he wouldn't be but she wants to be close to her family. Before she gets the chance to say anything to Jo he tells her that her estranged mother showed up at his house while she was away. Apparently her mother doesn't feel that it's any of her business if she goes to see Isaac. Kail is furious and wants Jo to keep that woman out of his house. When she finally does get a chance to talk to Jo about Texas he makes some good points as to why it's uncool to move Isaac so far away. Kailyn just doesn't like being stuck in PA where her crazy  mother lives. We didn't get to meet Javi in this episode but make sure to watch next week's episode! 


  1. In regards to Chelsea and her dog, yes, I think it was exactly the time to bring up that if she had used a leash like she should have that her dog would still be alive. This is not the first time her dog was hurt because it wasn't on a leash, and this time it lost it's life. It's sad that she hasn't learned better by now. Pets are a responsibility, you don't just let your animals roam wherever because you are in a hurry.

    1. Absolutely. I know it's a bit of salt in the wound but if you've got something nice, you have to take care of it. Poor dog paid the price. I don't understand how people will small, vulnerable dogs allow them to go off-leash without a fenced-in yard.

    2. I totally agree that she should have had the dog on a leash... but seriously? Her dog gets mauled to death which she saw happen and she is crying hysterically and you throw that in her face? It's not a "bit of salt in the wound" that's a nice way of putting it. It's a punch to the face while you're already down. It's not necessary. I'm sure she feels worse than anyone about it and blames herself anyway.

    3. This is not the first time one of her dogs has been unnecessarily injured because it wasn't leashed. Maybe she needed "a punch in the face" since she obviously didn't learn anything the last time. We'll see if she learns from this one.

  2. It was Chelsea's fault, period. Also, does it sicken anyone else that MTV camera crews didn't step in?

    1. Chelsea's dad posted on twitter that the camera crew did step in, but by the time they got there, there was nothing to be done. They were filming Chelsea from a distance when she went around the house, and by the time they got there, Frankie was dead.