Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adam Lind In Jail? Becoming a Dad Again?

Not only does Adam like to drive Chelsea crazy but it seems he also likes to drive drunk.Apparently his several DUIs have finally caught up with him. It's been reported that Adam will be on a 90 day work release starting March 17th. He will be spending his nights behind bars and allowed to leave for work during the day. 

Aside from that there are rumors flying all over the place about Adam possibly becoming a father again. The rumor is that Adam's ex girlfriend Taylor is pregnant with his child. The two broke up a while ago and have been on and off since Adam and Chelsea (allegedly) hooked up while in NYC for one of the Teen Mom 2 reunions. I don't really keep up much on what goes on in Adam's life so of course I'm not 100% certain. Lets just hope its not true. 


  1. Well all I have to say is that I thing Chelsea is very stupid for putting up with him all of these years, yeah I am sure she'll use the excuse that "oh it's my baby daddy and that's why I do It" well that's just an excuse and I actually think she does deserve to get treated that way because she allows it, there is noooo! excuse as to why you should ever let a kid, not a man, a kid to treat you that way, at the end of the day it hurts your daughter the most and that's why I don't watch the stupid show anymore because it angers me, most of the women put the men before the kids and that's very pathetic, GROW UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wasnt the jail thing LAST march???

  3. Taylor is pregnant with Adam's baby and they just found out today it is a girl.