Friday, March 29, 2013

Farrah Abraham Digs Herself A Deeper Hole, Her Latest DUI Explanation:

Farrah has taken the time to write out a full explanation of what went down St. Patrick's Night. Farrah has admitted to drinking. but not "to the extent to be negligent." -__- because apparently getting in a car and driving it around a corner at under 15mph to park doesn't count as drunk diving and she was "by no way or shape deserving of a cop walking over to my Parked car." 

She says she got angry with the police officer when they were more concerned with whether or not she had been drinking than where her sister was. Apparently Farrah tried to convince the officer to just let her leave with a friend who could drive her home but it was too late for that. 

Farrah says that she wasn't given a breathalyzer until they got to the police station where this cop just kept "pressing her buttons." Also that the police officer didn't explain to her how the breathalyzer works... 

She goes on to say that her reason for improperly giving a breathalyzer was because she was very sick and doesn't know how it works. "so because I don't know how long to breathe, etc. this cop tells me I’m purposely refusing to take this breathalyzer test correctly (another way to continue to piss someone off) so I quit talking to this cop because he clearly has no idea what the fuck he’s doing and now probably can’t wait to release a asswhole cop report to the media" 

Farrah understands that she was legally too intoxicated to drive, but it doesn't matter because she knows about safety... 
"when the alcohol content is shown, which I did not see personally it was .145 that is a number of legal intoxication, no doubt but like I mentioned I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety." 

After that she was released despite the police officer who wanted to lock her up. Farrah goes on to give advice to other 21 year olds receiving their first DUI... she wants them to know that they aren't the first to go through it and they should learn from Farrah's "small incident." 

I think it would have been more beneficial to Farrah if she had just not said anything... but if you want to read her full explanation you can do that HERE.


  1. " I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety." im pretty sure Derek thought that too.

    Farrah, you're just making a bigger ass of yourself. just admit that you lied about the whole thing. you were drunk, not sick. the only illness you have is Stuck Up Cunt Syndrome.

  2. Its not "asswhole" its asshole. I have a WHOLE bagel. There is a hole in my bagel. See the difference Farrah?

  3. "your car gets toed," I'm wondering how she ever wrote books!?!?!

  4. I can't even believe she's not taking responsibility for this!! She chose to get into her car drunk, she chose to drive it! Whether it be 15mph or not!!! I think she's the "asswhole"! Hopefully she'll go back to school and take a grammar/spelling course because that blog was just uncalled for!

  5. I never liked her much because of how stuck up she is, but I did think she was more responsible than this. She's been getting drunk in clubs and making out with tons of girls, she got a DUI, etc. She's turning into a train wreck like some of her co-stars. Smh.

    xo, Sarah

    PS- love how she spelled asshole wrong. haha. "a-s-s-w-h-o-l-e".

  6. Notice how she never accepted fault for anything, it was always everyone elses fault and how they screwed up rather than her owning her mistake. She can't spell.

  7. She has always been a mouthy beotch! The way she talks to her parents makes me sick! If she disrespected the cop even half that bad, shes lucky they didnt taze her ass!!!