Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kailyn Lowry Planning Her Wedding!

Kailyn & Javi's Wedding Bands
March 5th marks 6 months of marriage for Kailyn and Javi and just 6 months to go until their official "Wedding" day! The two got married last September before Javi headed off to join the Air Force. The two had a small courthouse ceremony so now Kailyn is planning her big Wedding for family and friends!

Kailyn & Javi's save the dates! 

Kailyn tried on Wedding gowns today at Kleinfield's Bridal, which is the home of TLC's hit show "Say Yes to the Dress!" Fans (including me!) are rooting for her to make an appearance on the show like many other reality stars have. It would be very exciting for all of us! 

Recently Kailyn posed in a wedding gown for the Beauty is Sizeless Campaign which was featured in a magazine! This isn't the dress Kail will be walking down the isle in but she looks beautiful anyway!

Sadly even though Kailyn and Javi have done a lot of planning they had to push back their wedding for another year. She tweeted the news along with the hashtag "taxes." Which suggests to me that perhaps their MTV salary doesn't withhold taxes, so they probably owed more than they originally thought. :( 


  1. Love her! Truly an inspiration to be a better person!

  2. Sorry to say but it's already been announced Kail was not filmed trying on dresses so she will not be on any Say Yes To The Dress or equivalents.

  3. to think that dress is made of paper