Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 2 
"Love Hurts" 

Since I've been a little backed up on Teen Mom news I'm just going to give a quick recap of the important stuff that happened. My apologies for this recap being shorter than usual! Enjoy: 

Jenelle finds out that Gary slept with Tori (remember her? isn't she a great friend?) the nigth before Jenelle and Gary were officially dating. Gary explains to Jenelle that there was no reason to tell her about it and cause drama with Jenelle's close friend. Gary apologizes to Jenelle, explains that they weren't dating at the time so it's not like he cheated on her or anything and that he wants to work this all out. Gary calmly and rationally explains himself and asks Jenelle to understand and talk it out with him.... so Jenelle kicks him out after throwing things at him, shoving him and trying to break his stuff. Then she lays in her bed and cries when he leaves. 

Kailyn and Jo head to court. Jo brings his family along and Kailyn brings friends with her. The attorneys both agree to try and keep this whole disagreement out of court so they strike up a deal. The Protection from Abuse order is dropped so Jo can see his son again and when Kail & Jo are swapping Isaac significant others can not be present. Which I think is pretty fair right? 

Chelsea is still a little nervous that she might be pregnant again (which honestly I think is all for the show, she needs more drama in her story line  but she is even more nervous about heading off to school again. Chelsea drops Aubree off at day care and has her first class in beauty school. She meets some new people and seems to like the school. It's a big day for these ladies. 

Leah and Jeremy are still together and engaged but a call from Corey changes things. Corey tells Leah that he still has feelings for her and that he misses his family. He broke up with his girlfriend and wants to give things another shot. Leah is confused as always and tells Jeremy that perhaps they should put their engagement on hold for a while so she can figure out what she wants. He tells her that she needs to make up her damn mind. 


  1. Kailyn only agreed to drop the charges because she realized she would lose. She was trying to blur the details, but she hit Jo first, he had witnesses, so she had no chance. and she acted like she was the bigger person, instead of saying "sorry, i was a jealous asshole"... smh

    1. Right. because you were right there watching and know what happened. She realized that he was bringing a bunch of people who didn't see what happened to LIE IN COURT about what happened. Of course she didn't have a chance when he resorted to getting his family to commit a crime. You have no fucking clue if she hit him first but the fact that he felt the need to have people that didn't witness shit makes it pretty clear that he started it.

    2. first of all, Jo never told his family to lie in court. second, Kail also hit Javi, so it wouldn't be the first time... And she acted shady with this "i dont even remember who started it". it pretty much means i started the whole fight, but im too embarrassed to admit.

    3. I hate to break it to you honey, but Jo did text Kail on the way to the courts and tell her that he had witnesses aka his family. His family was inside and didn't see a thing, from what was told. So yes that would be lying in court if they got up there and said they saw something when they really didn't. Also, Kail and Javi have both said that Kail never HIT him. She pushed him away from her. There is a difference.

    4. whatever, *honey*...

    5. Thank you anon 11:04. It's nice to see someone else that pays attention to the show instead of just acting like a psycho. Anon 11:31 obviously knows you and I are both right. =]

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