Monday, March 11, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 3 
"The Future Is Now" 

Chelsea is still talking about how she hasn't gotten her period even though it's not late yet. Adam calls her and she asks him if he wants to see "us" and he kind of agrees. Later though Adam decides he is "too tired" to come visit. Chelsea says she is upset because he is letting down Aubree but it's clear (to me anyway) that she might be mad because she wanted to see him too. She notices while creeping on facebook that he is actually going out to a movie with friends. He tells her that he wasn't blowing off Aubree. He was blowing off Chelsea... Thankfully (even though we all knew this was going to happen) Chels finally gets her  period and spreads the good news that she is not pregnant. 

Jeremy is out of town for work yet again and Leah is left alone with her thoughts about whether or not she really wants to be with him or with Corey. Leah is worried that if she tries with Corey and things don't work out she will have missed out on being with her second choice Jeremy. She decides that it's worth it to work things out with Corey so she goes to have a talk with him. 
She admires the new house and shyly asks him why he bought this big house. He says he bought it for a family and that he can't get over her. Corey is reluctant to jump back into a full on relationship with Leah because at the moment Leah is in love with two men at the same time. He fears that she will cheat on him again with an ex. Leah says that she is willing to walk away from a great guy to be with him and that they need to grow some balls and do this for their family. Corey wants for them to take things slow... slow slow. He wants to date first instead of jumping right back into things the way Leah wants him to. 
She decides to break up with Jeremy until she figures everything out so she tells him and he takes his things and his ring... and leaves. 

It's time for Kailyn to let Jo see Isaac. She's had Isaac all to herself for 3 weeks now and has gotten used to having him all the time. It's hard for her to let him go considering she doesn't think Isaac is Jo's first priority. Jo lives a very different life than Kail. He lives at home and can focus more on friends, his music and girlfriend. Kailyn is still working hard to build a life for herself and Isaac. 
The exchange is awkward and the two don't even speak. She hands Isaac off and says goodbye to him. Back at Jo's house he talks to his mom about the situation. Jo says Kailyn needs to mature and learn how to control herself. 

Now that Jenelle and Gary are over Jenelle has been talking to Kieffer. She is getting off probation soon and will be legally able to see him again... even though her lawyer advises her not to. Kieffer says all the right things to her to get her back and she falls right back into it. 
The moment she is off probation Jenelle buys him a bus ticket so the two can meet back up. The two hold hands and walk off into the sunset...