Thursday, August 29, 2013

Farrah Abraham Will NOT Appear on 'Days of Our Lives'


When these two awesome videos of Farrah Abraham auditioning for the roll of a sugar baby on 'Days of Our Lives' hit the web, I think we all had high hopes we could see that actually happen! While the first video is painful to watch, the second is much better, sadly we wont be able to see Farrah's unique presence on the show. According to GossipCop the network says the reports about Farrah landing the role of a "hooker" on 'Days of our lives' are completely untrue. 


  1. Haha! Like anyone with a real brain ever believed this crap? Dream on Farragut!

  2. What an,posting videos at a club after rehab,etc. how can anyone think Farrah is doing so great? Grow up and be a mom, I was a teen mom and after 22 years with my husband,3 awesome children and 2 grandbabies I am so shocked anyone would be insane enough to think Farrah is doing better than most 21yr olds??? And that is a role model...disgusting and sad.

  3. thank God we don't have to see Farrrah on Days of Our Lives it's bad enough she's a horrible person she treats her mother like crap all the time her mother has done nothing but help her she's has a horrible attitude she's selfish and she's such a bitch