Friday, January 4, 2013

Farrah & Sophia Go to Disney World!

Farrah and Sophia spent their New Year's Eve in Disney World. They watched a firework spectacular and spent some time in the pool where Farrah showed off her rockin bikini bod. They also met some fun Disney Characters along the way!

It's always great to see Farrah and Sophia doing awesome mother/daughter things together. Disney World certainly sounds like an amazing way to bring in the new year!

Maci Bookout Finally Reveals her New Boyfriend

This whole Ryan & Maci and who they are dating thing is pretty hard to keep track of. It seems that for a moment they considered getting back together which may be why she was reluctant to put a label on her relationship with this Taylor guy. 

However now it doesn't look like Maci and Ryan are trying to get back together at all, she is now a lot more open about her latest beau. He is still a bit of a mystery though, since I haven't been able to find out too much about him. Maci sure does seem smitten, that's for sure.

Courtland Goes on a Rant About His Baby Mama (Video)

Jenelle and Courtland had yet another stickam session together. This time Courtland had the floor and told his side of the story when it comes to his daughter and her mother.

He goes on quite a bit of a rant about not being able to see his daughter and how Taylor (his baby mama) is allegedly an unfit parent. He also talks about how stressed he is by the fact that people are believing Taylor and how upset Jenelle is about the whole situation. 

(Wouldn't the easiest way to eliminate all this stress be deleting twitter? I mean you can't get stressed about crap you don't see right? If they weren't on twitter posting all their business then none of this would even be an issue.) 

Anywho here is the recorded stickam session for those interested in hearing the guy out: 

Kailyn & Javi Officially Married

It's been rumored that these two were married since their engagement was announced in September. Now that Javi has joined the air force the rumor has been confirmed. It's not uncommon for engaged couples to quickly get married before a spouse joins the military and it seems that this is the case for Kail and Javi. 

It was confirmed by In Touch that the two indeed tie the knot earlier this fall in a courthouse ceremony. Kailyn also updated her twitter bio now that all the beans have been spilled adding "Air Force Wife." 

According to Kailyn's friend Toni the two are extremely happy together and everything is going well. They are still planning to have a big wedding in the future with all of their family and friends.