Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amber Portwood Update Jan. 2013

Everything has been quiet in the media with Amber Portwood. I suppose there isn't much to say, she is living behind bars and getting by. She recently finished all of her drug rehab requirements while in Prison. She even moved to director of one of the programs! 

Gary updated recently via twitter saying that Leah has talked to Amber on the phone and that Amber is doing well. To my knowledge Leah still has not been to the prison to see her mom. Whether or not that is a good thing is to be determined, but at least they have still maintained a relationship via telephone. 

Amber is said to be working on a book about her life and hopes that when she is released (possibly next year) she can help other young mothers who have gone through similar struggles to her own.

Thanks to a detailed report from Amber's brother Shawn, I've learned that Amber is well on her way to taking her GED test. She is focusing on a career and what she will do outside of prison. Right now she has a job inside the prison where she is a supervisor and getting along well with her co-workers.
Shawn also says that as long as Amber stays on this positive track she could be out of prison in a matter of months! I look forward to seeing her get out and do the right things for her daughter. :) 

Jenelle Evans Pregnant With 2nd Baby!

Oh Em Gee You guys... 

According to Star Magazine Jenelle and Courtland are expecting. Apparently Courtland Rogers took to star to announce the big news. 

"Me and Jenelle are so happy that she's pregnant... I'm looking forward to a second chance" 

Normally I wouldn't believe it just from reading it but Jenelle actually retweeted an article by RadarOnline about her new pregnancy... and isn't denying it! Courtland also confirmed this via twitter, telling fans to pick up a copy of Star Magazine. 

She is more than 6 week pregnant and is due September 4th. She claims that if she proves she is a good mom this time around that maybe she can get her son back... 

She recently talked about how she couldn't afford the $2k it would take to get started fighting for Jace. I'm pretty sure another kid is going to cost a lot more than that. -__-