Friday, January 18, 2013

Katie Yeager Gets A New Tattoo!

Katie Yeager reveals her new tattoo. A quote stating: "To Thine Own Self Be True." 
Words to live by. 

Katie is one of 4 new Teen Mom cast members who will star in "Teen Mom 3" which is set to air at some point this year. (I'm really hoping we can just skip 16&Pregnant this year!) She is also one of the many Teen Mom gals to rock some ink. Browse through the posts on this blog for other recent Teen Mom tats. 

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A Guy's Reaction Reading About Teen Mom

My brother Chris Blackwell has been working on a youtube channel lately, so I told him to check out and talk about some of the teen moms from the show.

This is his creation! He sits down and reads some of the posts on this blog and gives his reaction. Make sure you subscribe to his youtube channel  and check out some of the other crazy videos he has on there. 

Also check out his new blog!