Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jenelle Evans Headed For Divorce

Jenelle seems to live the live of multiple people at once. The amount of things that have happened to her in a matter of weeks is insane. In just the past 4 months Jenelle has gone through withdraw from her (hopefully brief) use of Heroin, started dating Courtland, had her car wrecked, moved, bought a new car, gotten married, gotten pregnant, almost had a miscarriage (apparently) and is now (possibly) getting a divorce. 

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that the most exciting thing to happen to me in four months was leaving the house for Christmas and watching football with my friends on Sunday. Honestly... lol How does SO much happen to this girl in such a short amount of time. God it would take me forever to recap every major event that took place for Jenelle in 2012. 

She was hospitalized yesterday, apparently she almost had a miscarriage. The baby is fine right now which is good. There is a lot of talk of Courtland "beating her up" which hasn't technically been confirmed. I'm not sure how much I would believe it even if she did confirm it considering she said Gary tried to kill her but she is still trying to go "hide out" at his house when she fights with Courtland. 

Here is what Jenelle is saying on facebook today: 

"If u guys only seen how many girls he tries to fuck in a week, so sad. It's like he's a horny nasty dog, ew. Telling girls u love them and prove to u they love u and the girl gets mad when she finds out I'm pregnant? Wow yeah I have all the screen shots just haven't posted them. I'm so sick of men ruining my life.

Going to chill with an old friend, lmao, finally now that I have freedom back.


Well I guess that sums it up.

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 10 RECAP

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 10
"Half Empty Half Full" 

She decides against moving to Texas, but she still wants to move. The new place she moves to is really nice and a lot bigger than her apartment. First though we get to meet Kail's now husband Javi! MTV I guess just decided to make him GiGi's friend and to have them meet at the bowling ally but I'm pretty sure he just randomly came into Kailyn's work one day. Anywho, he is super cute and she smiles like a doofus at him every time she sees him. It's adorable. She thinks Javi is a good lookin fella and manages to enlist his help moving her to her new place. Jo bring Isaac to her new home and is a good and supportive guy. He tells her that he loves her new place and the two have a good chat.

Remember when kieffer was in jail in MD for a bit and then came back to SC and was in jail there too? Well we all assumed that he met up with Jenelle during that time and of course... we were right. He called up Jenelle and told her he wanted to see her before he turned himself in. Jenelle is on probation and not allowed to see him but she has him over anyway. He stays with her at her house for a couple of days then turns himself in. She doesn't get caught but her probation officer does notice that Amber's boyfriend is on probation too and makes Jenelle aware that he is not allowed in the house. This causes a huge fight with Amber and she decides to move out. Jenelle spys on her the whole time she is moving her stuff, giggling with her friend that she has hiding in her room, yelling down the stairs at Amber about random things. 

Leah tells Corey that she is moving and that Jeremy is coming with her, he gives her a hard time about it, joking that she never did laundry for him so this Jeremy guy must have something good going for him. Leah just looks embarrassed and doesn't say anything. Then moves all her stuff to her new house. Leah has been having trouble keeping up with her full time school schedule and decides to withdraw from school all together so that she can focus on helping Ali. After that Leah plans a Birthday party for the girls with Jeremy's help. She talks about the difference between him and Corey and how she wouldn't have had any help if she was still with Corey. The party goes great and they look like they have a great time. 

Chelsea is sstill struggling with the death of her beloved dog Frankie an decides it's time for her to move as well. She needs a fenced in yard for Darla, and her new puppy.  She finds a great place with a huge fenced in yard and luckily her dad agrees to co-sign for the new house. He has one stipulation of course, that Adam doesn't move in. Even after all this time of not hearing from Adam she still dreams of having her family together.