Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jenelle Evans Parties Night of Miscarriage

Jenelle Evans went out with ex fiance Gary Head for a fun night with friends after some pretty traumatic events. He had taken her to the hospital early in the day when she started bleeding uncontrollably. It was reported from several sources that she suffered a miscarriage. This was her second visit to the hospital since separating from her husband Courtland Rogers last week. 

After leaving the hospital Jenelle was in need of new clothes so she and Gary went shopping. (She later modeled her new outfit in the mirror and posted pictures to her facebook.) 

Then the two had a night out with some friends. One of those friends (Kymber) was quick to tell it how it is though. She made sure to make people aware that Jenelle was perfectly fine that night, was drinking and apparently "high." Jenelle claimed to be the designanted driver for Gary and his friends but Kymber said that's not the case at all. 

Many people are questioning whether or not Jenelle was ever pregnant, theorizing that Jenelle was paid by MTV to get pregnant by a certain date, and then was also paid for the articles written about their pregnancy. 

I've never had a miscarriage (thank God) but I've been talking with a lot of women who had. They all tell me that they were in too much physical pain to be out and about the day of. Some even bed ridden for a week. It seems so odd that Jenelle would be physically and emotionally able to go out and laugh with people just hours after loosing her unborn child.

Kymber's twitter & more photos:

Leah Messer-Calvert Has Her Baby Shower

According to the Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leah's mother and mother-in-law threw her a baby shower and made sure that there were no cameras present! In a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 we saw the girls celebrate their second Birthday, however there was a guest at the party that took photos and sold them to a magazine. The family was devastated  so to ensure that nothing like that happened again they made Leah's baby shower a camera free zone. 

However it looks like the Ashley was able to find a photo of Leah wearing a "Mommy to Be" sash: 

Danielle Cunningham's Weight Loss Transformation

It's been a while since we saw 16 & Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham. She is currently pregnant with her second child and well on her way to furthering her education. Danielle went through a pretty big transformation since appearing on the show. Look at how much weight she lost!

She credits her weight lost to "Body by Vi" weight loss shakes which she sells. You can visit her website here: