Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

 Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 11 

Again.. Chelsea is working on getting her GED and awaiting her last 2 tests (thank God!) She's talking to Adam again but only about Aubree, which is good. She is nervous about Adam's upcoming Birthday and her tests. There always seems to be something distracting her from her goals. Chels moves into her new house but not before having a breakdown about Adam and not celebrating his Birthday with him. I guess the thought of him being with other girls, and partying happily with friends is too much for her to bare. She goes up to Aubree's room to cuddle her and cry. 

While Corey has the girls Jeremy decides to take Leah to a cabin for the weekend. Where he proposes to her after just a few months of dating. The first thing they talk about is having more kids. Part of me questions whether or not she knew she was pregnant when the got engaged but it's all so close together it's hard to tell.  Leah calls her mom to tell her about the engagement and as usual her mother just goes along with it like it's no big deal. She tells her friend that she had her IUD birth control taken out and that she might be pregnant again. When her friend asks why she took it out so soon she says "why not?" I can think of a laundry list of reasons so I guess it's good she didn't ask me! Her friend says that she rushes into things and Leah tells her it's because she wants her family that bad. She takes a pregnancy test and it comes out positive so she immediately tells her twin daughters the big news.

Kailyn goes on a date with the super cute Javi. She warns him that dating someone with a child isn't easy and decides to keep their relationship platonic until she is sure that Javi and Isaac will get along. She is obviously very attracted to Javi, you can tell just by the look on her face when she sees him. 
Kailyn and Jo take Isaac for his first haircut together. They are getting along great and it's so awesome to see them do things like this together for Isaac. Kailyn introduces Isaac to Javi and they have a great time together. 

Jenelle and her friends take Jace to a children's museum where he seems to have a good time. Tori and Hannah put on a ridiculously inappropriate puppet show for Jace. Afterwards Jenelle gets a voicemail from Andrew talking about how he is going to pay child support and how he wants to know how Jace is etc. Jenelle thinks that maybe it's time to figure out if Andrew is even Jace's father. -__- Apparently there was some doubt in all of their minds from the very beginning. Andrew agrees which isn't surprising considering he didn't even know how old Jace was.