Monday, February 4, 2013

Leah Messer-Calvert Gives Birth To 3rd Baby!

Today the news broke that Leah went into labor yesterday after the Super Bowl and gave birth this morning (February 4th) to a healthy baby girl! 

In Touch reports "Leah and baby are happy and healthy." As told by a close family friend. 

Yesterday Leah tweeted that "yes the time is near... can't wait to meet you little miss Calvert!" which had fans in a frenzy asking if Leah was in fact in labor. Her mother took to twitter to squash the rumors stating that Leah was home and "NOT in labor" perhaps for the sake of privacy.

No comments have been made by Leah or her family at this time. I'll update as soon as I get more info and hopefully with some photos! 

Jenelle Evans Vs. Courtland Rogers Update

There have been a number of things that have happened since I last updated about Jenelle and her crazy life. How can anyone keep up!? Instead of doing 10 posts about it I'll just condense it all into one.

The latest, a video just surfaced of Courtland snorting a white powder and talking about Jenelle's drug use. He says that she was using while pregnant. He even tells an interesting and kind of not believable story about him asking Jenelle's doctor what to do since she refused to stop. He paints himself as the good guy who was trying to help her and their unborn child. I only half believe this story. I sadly think it's very possible that Jenelle was using while pregnant I don't think that Courtland wasn't right there next to her seeing as how he is doing drugs in the video....

Jenelle wants to get an annulment from Courtland and I'm not really sure if it's possible at this point. Too bad she didn't get that prenuptial agreement. 

Jenelle has spent every moment since separating from Courtland with her ex-fiance Gary Head. You know... the one she said tried to kill her? She now is saying that she is happier than ever, and that she is "rekindling an old flame." One can only assume she means Gary. 

Jenelle had a U-stream session (Stickam has been shut down!) with Gary and the two were happily sitting on a couch playing video games. It is taking everything in me not to write what I'm thinking right now.

MTV Announces Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Air Date

It's sooner than you might think! 

I'm not completely sure why MTV is being so weird but apparently they decided to make Seasons 3 and 4 into Season 3 part 1 and 2. So the episode of Feb. 4th is the "mid season" finale. There will be a "mid season Runion Special" and then the season will pick back up Feb. 18th with the second half. That's 12 new episodes. 

Unfortunately MTV hates me and wants to make everything confusing and hard to explain so in their press release they refer to season 3 part 2 as season 4. However they are advertising on MTV as I write this that Season 3 CONTINUES Feb. 18th......

“Season four will pick up immediately where season three left off, diving deeper into the lives of Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah as they continue to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood, life and love. From the tragic loss of an unborn child and a heartbreaking love triangle to ongoing custody battles and struggles to pursue an education, these young women will once again pull back the curtain to give viewers a raw look inside the difficulties and joys of young motherhood.”