Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 12
Finale: "A Means To An End" 

Chelsea is accepted into Beauty School, she just needs to pass her last 2 GED tests to seal the deal. So she anxiously awaits the results. In the mean time she decides to check out day-cares for Aubree since she will need to be in one while her mama is in school. She finds one she likes and starts to get really excited for Beauty School. Things are looking up for her but she STILL gets off track by worrying about Adam. She still feels heartbroken and dreams of being with him and having the perfect family. 
Finally her test scores come in and she is thrilled to find out she passed and is finally done with her GED. (Thank God)

Kailyn has been hanging out with Javi a lot but she keeps him at an arms length. You can tell she really likes him but seems a bit scarred of committing. Jo however has moved on and things have gotten serious with his girlfriend Vee who has decided to write Kailyn a letter so the two can be civil for the sake of Isaac. Jo delivers the letter to Kailyn who doesn't take it so well. She says that when she is ready to meet Vee she will let him know and then, after some choice words, kicks Jo out of her apartment. 
She feels bad about her reaction so she invites Jo to Isaac's second birthday party but he doesn't show up until late in the party. After Isaac blows out his candles Kailyn sheds a few tears because it's sad seeing her baby boy grow up! After Jo throws his own birthday party for Isaac he drops him back off with Kailyn. They talk things out about Jo's new girlfriend and get back on the right co-parenting track. It's always great to see the two of them hanging out, playing with Isaac and being friends. That's the way it should be! 

Jenelle talks to Andrew about finding out who Jace's father is. Personally I don't remember Andrew being this weird in 16&Pregnant. I know he was never really portrayed as a "winner" but I never thought he was so awkward and strange at times. He calls Jenelle "baby" on the phone which she is visibly creeped out by. He is very eager to find out if he is the father or not and so is Jenelle for that matter. So they each head to a local testing office to give their DNA samples and await the results. When the day comes we all get the not so shocking news that Andrew is the father of Jace. Barbara is completely shocked and kind of upset. It seems like either way Jace isn't going to have a real father figure in his life but they just really wanted Andrew out of their lives. 
Jenelle tells him that he is in fact the father and Andrew tells Jenelle AND Barbara that he wants to be in Jace's life and pay his child support and do the right things. Jenelle says that Andrew is full of promises and she will be surprised if he follows through with any of it. 

Leah is surprised at how quickly she got pregnant. She decides to call Jeremy and tell him right away over the phone. She still gets a nervous, awkward look on her face when she talks to Jeremy, it's clear that their relationship is still so new. The next person on Leah's list of people to tell about her pregnancy is her mother. She beats around the bush for a while and then finally tells her. Her mom kind of points out that perhaps she is moving too fast but in the end says that Leah is 19 years old and an adult.... and she needs to make her own choices. Leah doesn't seem so sure of herself while telling her mom, she can hardly hold a straight face when saying that she is ready for another kid. 
She goes on telling a few people and finally decides that she needs to tell Corey before he hears it around town. She does him the courtesy of telling him to his face but when she does to tell him all she manages to get out is the fact that she is engaged again. He actually DID in fact hear the news through the grapevine and had to ask her if she was pregnant. She has a very difficult time actually saying the words and gives her answer on a toy doodle pad. Corey gets really emotional and tears form in his eyes. He tells her that he is happy for her and that he will always be there if she needs anything. The news is hard for him to handle. 
After this Leah isn't so sure about her decisions anymore. She tells her friend about how upset Corey got and explains that she still has feelings for Corey and it's too late for her to up and leave Jeremy. She says that if she wasn't pregnant she might be considering going back to Corey but it's too late now. 
Leah and Corey meet up again to switch off the girls and talk a little bit more. Corey explains that he is hurt but he will be there for her and supportive in her decision. He tells her how alone he feels and that he understands why she rushed into the next best thing. Leah fights back the tears and when Corey asks her if he should move on or not she shakes her head no.The two stand there basically coming to the conclusion that they love each other still but there isn't much they can do about it because Leah is pregnant and engaged to another guy.