Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 1 Recap
"Under Pressure" 

Leah starts off this season in the emergency room, she had been having cramps for a week and went to the hospital when she started bleeding. She breaks the news to Jeremy that she lost the baby. Leah tells her friend that going through the pregnancy and seeing how scared she and Jeremy were... she thinks it was a test or a sign that she wasn't ready for another baby or to get married so soon. She tells Jeremy it's time to slow things down. 
Leah goes to swap the girls with Corey and she tells him about the miscarriage. They then kind of explode into a conversation about their relationship and Leah basically tells him to make a move already. It's hard for Corey because he is talking to a girl who is already engaged to someone else. He says "what if in 6 months you miss Jeremy and want him back?" to which she rolls her eyes.... Honestly though, I don't blame him for being confused and scared. He tells her that there is just too much going on with her for him to try and jump back into a relationship with her. She says goodbye, gets in her car and cries. 

Jenelle is dating Gary the marine, and he is great with Jace and Barbara. Jenelle is moving yet again in this episode  this time with her friend Allison. She says that she learned to not be so rebellious and impulsive from being on probation... It's hard to watch her say things like that knowing what happens. 
Jenelle's great friend Tori comes over and tells her that Kieffer is out of prison and starts asking her if she is going to run back to him. Jenelle says no, she is happy with Gary. 
Surprise! Kieffer texts Gary. How he got that number is beyond me and Jenelle because she has no idea either. I'm not even really sure what the text was supposed to be about but it seems he is trying to weasel his way back onto the show. 

Chelsea is ready to start beauty school in a few days so Aubree will be staying with her grandma or go to daycare during the day. Chelsea has a friend come over and she tells her that her Mirena birth control fell out... weird. Then she drops the bomb that she slept with Adam again. No they aren't dating, and don't worry... he pulled out... ::eye roll:: Adam laughs about it with his friends and makes sure he tells them that he is not getting back together with her, he's just hooking up with her once in a while. 
Chelsea gets a little depressed thinking about going to school and Aubree going to daycare. 

Kailyn and Javi are officially an item. Kailyn still has a problem with Jo's girlfriend though and apparently it lead to a physical fight with him. Kailyn filed a protection from abuse order on him so that he can't contact her or Isaac till they settle the issue with a judge. Kailyn's friend Mark has some wise words for Kail, he tells her that while Jo had no right to touch her, she needs to let go and trust Jo as Isaac's father and know that he will keep Isaac safe. Kailyn says she doesn't know how it started but the fight got physical and it shouldn't have happened in front of Isaac. 
Jo's side of the story is quite different, he tells his father that he walked up to the car and said hello and she immediately started freaking out. He pointed out that Kailyn has Isaac around Javi all the time and that's when she turned and smacked him in the head, he pushed her arm down, then she punched him in the face... 
Who can you believe here? It's hard to say.