Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Write to Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood is continuing to do well while serving her time in Prison. If you would like to send Amber some words of encouragement and support you can! Just mail your letters to:

Amber Portwood - 216583
811 W 50 N
Rockville Indiana 47872

Please be aware that no hate mail will reach Amber. All letters are monitored before being distributed to inmates so save your time and energy if you were planning to send her hate mail. For those of you who will be writing Amber supportive letters also note that Amber may not respond. She responds to as many fans as she can but might not get to everyone. Make sure you like her only Official fan page: Amber Porwtood Official for the latest updates and to show your support! 

Courtland Selling A Jenelle Sex Tape?

I feel like I have heard this rumor before... but it looks like it's circulating again. Honestly I wouldn't put it past either of them. Courtland certainly has been sucking up to OK! Magazine lately and teasing fans on twitter about something big in the works. 

The infamous twitter account @JenelleBombs posted this screen shot of Jenelle telling someone that Courtland has something on her and basically if it gets out it's going to be REALLY bad. Worse than the whole heroin thing? 

Either way it looks like Jenelle continues to be in big trouble. So no real news there.