Sunday, March 10, 2013

The REAL Reason Leah Flipped Out on Twitter

Last week I reported that Leah flipped out because people were talking badly about her, but it looks like there is more to this story than I originally thought. It all started with Jeremy posting something that made a crack at "exes" to which a friend commented: 

"So you're exes are in the past for a reason, if you still try to put them down you're just belittling yourself. The way I see it, either quit bitching and get over it or leave the person you're with. We all have our weak moments but you chose to lead your life the way you did, Jeremy. We're happy for you but don't think no one knows how you came to the bank crying wanting your EX back all the time while you were trying to get with Teen Mom. Aint nobody got time fo that!" 

Jeremy's ex fiance Kristen (who he had been with for four years before Leah) posted a screen shot of the comment and that's when things got crazy and Leah tweeted: "If you have something to say about my husband, OUR marriage, or even OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN. Grow some and DON'T broadcast on social media." 

After that Leah's friends all started attacking Kristen on twitter (which Leah retweeted whole time) which led to fans attacking her as well. All pretty much because a friend stuck up for her and she posted a screen shot of it. Leah's "innocent children" weren't even mentioned by anyone... 

Kristen tells me "If it wasn't for Dawn and Leah’s friends tweeting me and tagging me in it, none of this would even be happening. They wanted everyone to know who I was and to start unnecessary drama which is exactly what they got. Some of her friends have tried adding me on Facebook and Twitter numerous times so if that doesn't prove that they have been trying to start stuff with me since Leah and Jeremy got together, I don’t know what does."

Kristen also says that she knows fans will see her as the crazy jealous ex-girlfriend but little do they know that she is actually the one who ended things with Jeremy due to his partying ways and wandering eyes. Kristen is now in a happy relationship and didn't ask for her name to be brought up in Jeremy's conversations. 

As I've said numerous times in the past, I think Leah and her family need to learn to pick their battles and maybe get some different friends. This is just pointless drama that could have been avoided.