Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Farrah Abraham Arrested for a DUI

Farrah obviously didn't learn from the tragic death of her child's father since she decided to put herself (and others) in danger Monday night. 

Read all about this drama right here:

Leah Calvert (Messer) Reveals Her 3rd Daughter

I totally called this one. Leah and Jeremy were waiting to share the news of their newest offspring because as I suspected they were waiting to debut her via Magazine. 

You can't pick up your issue of US Weekly till Friday but the website was kind enough to share with us a photo of baby Adalynn Faith Calvert with her family and give a few details. 

Adalynn was born on February 4th (Just a day after an awesome Super Bowl win by the Ravens) 5 weeks ahead of schedule. Jeremy was a nervous wreck but ended up with a gorgeous healthy daughter. 

Ali and Aleeah took a little while to get used to having an infant in the house, they thought they could carry her around like a baby doll but thankfully Leah put a stop to that before little Addy was injured. 

To get more details on the nursery, and Adalynn's interesting name you'll have to wait for the magazine to come out. Until then check out the photo of Leah's new family.  

Jenelle Denies Courtland Abused Her

Yup, who is surprised? Anyone? 

Jenelle and Courtland are now officially back together.They made it facebook official and have started referring to each other as husband and wife again. 

Jenelle promises she isn't giving a thousand chances this time and that people can change. She says they are both sober (except for smoking weed which Courtland publicly admitted via twitter). 

Now it's just a matter of those pesky abuse charges she filed against her hubby. This has happened with just about every relationship Jenelle has had. She claims assault  takes out charges, no contact orders etc. and then a few hours, days, weeks later she turns around and acts like the situation wasn't a big deal. So it's not really a surprise that she is doing it again. 

Jenelle is tweeting things now like: "I never gave any details to anyone about what happened to me." and that people don't know what they are talking about. Too bad Courtland's arrest warrants clearly describe the abuse in question. They state that Courtland was "Picking her up, throwing her against the wall, bashing her head on the wall, punching her in her head, back, stomach and legs." Jenelle took out four charges of assault on a female and two counts of batter on an unborn child.

Those are some serious charges and it's pretty insane that she is brushing them off now that the two are trying to work things out. For a moment Jenelle claimed to be single and not interested in anything other than Jace. That lasted for a day or two. She and Courtland are technically still married but is it really the best choice for her to go back to him? Was she lying about her alleged abuse?