Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maci's Spin Off Show Canceled?

Maci has denied rumors of a spin off show despite being followed by a camera crew and spotted at night clubs while filming. Now Ryan may have just confirmed that there was a spin off in production and that it's now canceled. He tweets: "MTV isn't going to do the new TV show." 

According to a source close to the reality stars, Ryan and Maci sat down with MTV last summer and began filming for a spin off show around the time of Maci's 21st Birthday. She has since been spotted at clubs and her college with a camera crew in tow. 

Is it possible that MTV canceled the show due to all the negative attention the network has been getting from the Teen Mom franchise? Perhaps airing a show that is mostly about Maci's partying, traveling and love life would confirm to the public that the teen mom shows have lost any positive message they started out with.