Monday, March 25, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 5 
"So Hard To Say Goodbye"

Kail and Javi decide to take things to the next level and move in with each other. In reality he was pretty much already living there since he was spending the night every single night anyway. Kailyn immediately starts thinking marriage which doesn't really seem to freak Javi out too much. 

Leah asks Jeremy if he will forgive her for leaving him for Corey and asks him for her ring back. He of course agrees and hands her back the ring that he was carrying around while he waited for her to figure her crap out. He moves back in and the rest of the episode is pretty much just Leah talking about it. 

Chelsea is still all stressed about finding a new place to live and decides to go look at a place, even though she wants to move far away from where she is so she can escape Adam and anything that reminds her of him. She tells her dad this and says that she wants to transfer schools and he tells her that she needs to just suck it up for a year and finish school before she goes moving away. (Listen to your dad for once Chelsea!!) She has her first haircut test at beauty school, she is nervous and awkward the whole time but passes.  

Jenelle has her booby surgery and Kieffer sort of helps her out a little bit but he gets pretty upset when Gary sends her flowers. These two get into a big fight and he ends up leaving. Jenelle goes to her moms house so she has someone to take care of her and starts talking to Gary again. 

PHOTOS: Inside Baby Adalynn's Nursery!

Leah's beautiful baby girl has one of the prettiest nurseries ever with pink walls, a fully stocked diaper station and leopard print decals on the walls! She and Adalynn did a little MTV video update and here are some great screen shots of Addie's room! 

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