Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 6
"Fall to Pieces"

Jenelle is her usual self and she can't handle being around her mom at all so instead of spending time with her son and "babysitting" she decides she would rather go hang out with her friends. Even boyfriend Gary tells her to stop it and stay there with her son but soon the screaming and cursing begins and she uses that as a reason to leave. She thinks she is removing herself from a bad situation for the good of everyone but you can't say things like that when you are the reason there is a situation in the first place. 

Leah and Jeremy are planning their wedding and looking for a new house. Since that is a lot to handle for Leah and she insists on doing everything as fast as possible, her mom pretty much takes over the wedding planning and calls a planner for her. Then Leah and Jeremy sign for a house together. They decide to get married at the courthouse and then still have their wedding in June also. 

Javi moves in to Kail's apartment and he brings his dog. So now they have 2 large dogs that scare Isaac's playdates! Kail tells Javi to put the dogs out while she has a friend and her young daughter over but Javi refuses because there is a whole in the fence. He just walks upstairs and ignores her. Kailyn has an epic meltdown which ends up with her grabbing Javi's head and pushing him. He gets angry and goes outside for a while but in the end he forgives her as long as she is going to anger management and trying to better herself. 

Chelsea faces the challenge of dealing with cutting the hair of actual people! She is nervous about working on the floor but she does pretty well. Wow yeah so that's pretty much all that is going on for Chelsea in this episode. 

Note: For those of you complainers out there, yes I am fully aware that I have done a few recaps late. This is because I have a lot going on right now and haven't had time to do them. I'v considered stopping all together but since we are on the last season I'll keep them going as much as possible. I think they are still beneficial to anyone who needs a quick catch up. <3