Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jenelle Evans Hypocritical Tweets to BUCKWILD Cast Members

For those of you who aren't aware, MTV has decided to cancel the popular show BUCKWILD after one of it's cast members, Shain Gandee, accidentally died of carbon monoxide poisoning while 'muddin' in the middle of the night. Since the news broke about the show being canceled, the cast of Buckwild has been outraged, many of them tweeting that MTV has nerve to keep shows like Teen Mom on the air but are canceling Buckwild. 

While I find it inappropriate to keep Buckwild on the air after the multiple arrests of cast members and the death of one of them... they kind of have a point. Jenelle Evans took these tweets very personally since lets face it... she is pretty much the example being used. 

Buckwild star Shae Bradley retweeted someone pointing out that MTV keeps people like Jenelle on the show. This made Jenelle speak out on twitter as well saying: "sorry if u guys like to party and traffic drugs and have yr cast members locked up. MTV doesn't like that too much..." 

Um... did she forget that she has been arrested countless times since having her son? Or that she has admitted to being hooked on weed and HEROIN? 

When fans pointed this out to her she said: "MTV has known me personally for 4 years, we have a close relationship. They kno I'm not a bad person."

She also retweeted a fan who said: " #buckwild is a liability for example muddn jumpn off a roof into a truck full of water"  This caught my eye as well as extremely hypocritical... having a cast member who is unstable, getting arrested constantly and addicted to hard drugs like heroin is a huge liability as well. Just like Amber Portwood, who was very close to committing suicide, she was eventually forbidden to film for MTV because of what it was doing to her. If she had succeeded there would be no Teen Mom anymore either. (Thank God Amber got help and is doing much better now)

All Jenelle has proven is why she should be removed from television also, she is a liability to the network and is not a good example for young teens. Yes this is mostly my opinion but she also pretty much proved my point with her own argument.