Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Episode 9
"Sweet Dreams"

Jenelle meets with her lawyer Dustin yet again to talk about the incident with Gary. Dustin says that the court will most likely be continued so that they can investigate more, which it is. While at the courthouse Jenelle had to see Gary again so of course she brought Kieffer with her. Kieffer bragged about how he "mugged" Gary in the courtroom and acted like he was going to go find him and fight him afterwards. Jenelle just sat there not trying to stop him or anything like that. 

Javi goes to take his test so that he can join the Air Force and he passes! He and Kailyn are super excited to get married and start their family, but Kailyn still wants Javi to properly propose to her. She decides to get in touch with her lawyer to talk about future custody issues with Jo. There is a good chance that down the line Javi will be stationed somewhere far away so she asks how that will effect custody in the future. They tell her that she just needs to give Jo notice of her relocation and at that time he will have a chance to object. Then there will be a hearing but there is a good chance she will be allowed to move and take Isaac with her.

Chelsea is overwhelmed by the fact that she has to move so she decides to take a month off of school. She can go back when she is feeling more settled. She says she had already missed a bunch of days anyway so it was better for her to just take the time off. >.< Personally I don't get it. She doesn't work and has loads of help with Aubree from her family and friends, but I guess a month is what she needed. 

Corey is still upset about how the whole child support thing went down. Leah says basically that everyone else convinced her that what he was originally paying wasn't fair. Leah's been talking to her biological father more and since he didn't make it to her last wedding... she asks him if he wants to walk her down the isle. Her step-dad Lee doesn't love the idea but he agrees that they both can walk her down the isle together.