Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finally Got My Copy of Teen Mom Confidential! Hey Look! I'm In It!

Today I finally got my copy of Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets and Scandals from MTV's Most Controversial Shows! I've been buddies with Ashley Majeski of The Ashley's Reality Roundup for quite a while, we both obsess over television shows and have given each other a helping hand whenever it was needed over the past year or so. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites and I can only hope to one day be as awesome of a writer as she is. 

Ashley and Sean Daly got together to write this book about Teen Mom and can you believe that they included me in the Acknowledgments??? I am so honored and thankful to both of them for letting me be a tiny part of it! 

I haven't read it yet, I probably should have waited to write this until afterward but from what I've been told I'm going to devour every word of it. Ashley was able to interview cast members, family and friends of the cast and even people who worked on the show. This book is legit and I can't wait to dive in. 

Order your copy of Teen Mom Confidential here: 

Jenelle Evans Back Behind Bars

And she might be there for a while...

Jenelle Evans and Husband Courtland Rogers were arrested earlier today following a domestic dispute in their home. They were found with heroin, percocet and drug paraphernalia. They were both charged with assault and possession of heroin with intent to distribute. Looks like Teen Mom 2 may be ending on the same note that Teen Mom ended on with it's notorious bad girl heading off to jail. 

Read more about this and see the mugshots on my new Teen Mom Blog!