Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Check-Up Finale Special Part 1 Recap/summary

As any Teen Mom fan knows the first part of the Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Reunion/Check-Up special aired Monday May 6th 2013. Starting of as always with Dr. Drew introduces the show and gives a little recap of the season's story lines. The first part of the special consisted of Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans' (or rogers whichever you prefer) stories. Dr. Drew also mentions that Jenelle's mother Barbara, Javi (Kail's now husband), Jo and his girlfriend Vee are also making an appearance (Kailyn gives a smirk just at the sound of her name).

Jenelle Evans (Rogers):

Jenelle Evans' segment of the show doesn't really consist of much other than her drug use, particularly the heroin. She admits to doing it for a month with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp until she had finally had enough and called her mother begging for help. She says that she hated being high and was sick all the time and was hospitalized 3 times during her drug use. (remember all those cyst ruptures?) She even said that she did NOT know what withdrawal was and that Kieffer was the one to put the needle in her arm every time she used the drug since she did not know how to do it herself. (uh-huh)

Jenelle said the only reason why she went back to kieffer was because she needed a friend at the time since she was going through a deep depression when her ex-fiance; Gary Head assaulted her in her apartment. Jenelle and Dr. drew briefly talk about the situation which makes Jenelle upset. 

Dr. Drew then brings out Barbara and talks to her and Jenelle about their relationship with each other. They both agreed it has gotten better but they still have occasional fights. Barbara and Dr. Drew talk about Gary for a bit since Barbara appeared to be a fan of Gary. Barbara stated that she had suspected that Gary was abusive to Jenelle and asked her if he ever hit her numerous times and that she also knew  Gary had a drinking problem. Barbs briefly talks about when she saved Jenelle and that it will be a long time before Jenelle gets custody of Jace back. Jenelle and Barbara get in a brief argument over visitation with Jace.

Jenelle kind of gets upset about not seeing Jace very often but she also makes it clear that she isn't putting forth the effort of seeing her son whenever possible. She wants him when she wants him, not when Barbara tells her she can have him. It's interesting though, the waterworks only really came on when she was talking about her ex-boyfriends. I wish she had that same emotion for her son. 

Kailyn Lowry:

Kail's segment seems a bit longer and a lot more drama filled than Jenelle's. Kailyn's segment was about her new marriage to boyfriend Javi and how the relationship between she and Isaac's father; Jo has been going, and last but certainly not least her feelings towards Jo's girlfriend Vee. (Kailyn's facial expression to hear Vee is backstage with Jo on the right) Kail seems to be really defensive and have an attitude her whole segment.

Dr. Drew starts off by talking with Kail about her part of Season 4 and about her now husband Javi. It really bothers her that she took things too far when she had a psychical altercation with javi during the season by grabbing and shaking his head. They have gotten over that situation and have moved on from it as we watch them get married and watch Javi leave for the Air force. 

Dr. Drew brings up Jo and Vee and things seem to go downhill pretty fast. Kailyn claims she does not like Vee because of the pictures that were posted online of Vee drinking and smoking weed out of a gas mask. She states that since Isaac is all she has that she needs to protect that as much as she can. Even though Kailyn has in the past smoked weed herself she said she stopped when she found out she was pregnant. She said she does not care to meet Vee and does not want someone who smokes or drinks and posts about it on the internet around her son. 

Jo is invited onto the stage and says that it bothers him that Kail does not like nor want to meet Vee since she is part of his and Isaac's life. Jo then states that he will be seeing Kailyn in court if she decides to move Isaac away from him even though Kailyn admits she does not see it as taking Isaac away from his dad because he will be well taken care of with all Javi's benefits. Jo then goes on to say that Javi may have that to offer but he is not Isaac's father or legal guardian. Dr. Drew asks if it was the other way around what would Kailyn do and Kail replies that they would find a way to work things out.

Kailyn moves to sit on the couch next to Dr. Drew as Vee is brought onto the stage. Vee seems very nice but nervous as this is her first time at a reunion show. She explains that she is a student (in college to become a teacher) and that she has a job at a daycare. She said the photos Kail has seen online are old and are from 2 summers ago. She has done nothing for Kailyn to not like her. Kailyn then gets upset after a brief talk with Dr. Drew about why she feels the way she does and says that she does not want to get to know Vee and she trusts that Jo would not leave Isaac alone with her. She also says that she doesn't feel comfortable calling Vee because she doesn't know if she will be drunk or high. (A bit dramatic if you ask me) Vee explains that she does not do any of that around Isaac and knows how to take care of children. Kail storms off feeling like she was being attacked by everyone but then comes back when they leave the stage and Javi is there. 

Javi and Kail talk about the Air Force and say they hope to be stationed in Texas (Near Kailyn's other side of the family is) but that they will think of Isaac before deciding anything. The show is then wrapped up and a preview of next weeks part 2 with Leah and Chelsea is shown.

If you have missed the 1st part of the reunion watch it here: