Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Exclusive! Teen Mom 3 Father Devoin Austin speaks out!

Teen Mom 3's Devoin Austin (aka Briana Dejesus's baby's father) is already gaining notoriety before the show has even aired!

We all saw that Devoin did not appear to be the best father or even really interested in being a part of Briana's pregnancy during their episode of '16 and Pregnant.' Recently an article by therealteenmomtalk.com reported Austin to be the "worst baby daddy of all the Teen Moms" due to his absence in his daughters life. Briana also has stated he has not been around as much as he should be for their daughter, Nova Star. Devoin tells alltheteenmoms.com his feelings about his appearances on 16 &pregnant:

"The reason I looked so bad on the show was because when Briana first signed up I had NOO idea about it and when the show started I wasn't Feeling it. So I wouldn't come around when the camera crew was around...I promise on everything I LOVE I have never in my life got into an argument with them when mtv wasn't around. So its either they being fake Or mtv making them do the shit

Devoin also answered when asked if fans will see him much on Teen Mom 3 and if the new show will be any better for him that 16 & Pregnant. Fans are also under the impression that Devoin has rarely ever seen Nova and this was his response:

"I try to see her as much as possible. But Briana is a busy woman tbh...I just want rights to nova"

Most fans who follow Briana and her sister on twitter or or on Briana's Official Facebook fan page know that Briana has found a new Boyfriend who seems to get along great with Nova and the rest of her family. Devoin thought that may be a contribution to Briana's busy schedule and stated how he felt about her new boyfriend:

" I know she got a man and all, I think that's why she always say she 'Busy'....Its a part of life. I'm not [going to] do nothing dumb about it. I'm mature. I can accept that."

Briana's fans have also been concerned with Devoin's social media postings about illegal drug use and the multiple explicit photos he posted via Twitter (@RichHomieeVon) Devoin remained truthful about what he does on his spare time and stated the following in his defense to the negativity:

"Don't get me wrong. I'm young and I have fun. This just Twitter to me.. but I do handle my business !....Now don't get me wrong I'm not [going to] smoke or drink Any time i plan on being around nova ! I do that stuff late night

Teen Mom 3 staring Briana Dejesus, Alexandria Sekella, Katie Yeager and Mackenzie Douthit is set to air next month! We will have to see what fans think of him after it airs! Last but not least here is a few photos of Devoin with his baby girl Nova Star: