Saturday, July 20, 2013

Amber Portwood Updates Fans From Behind Bars!

Amber Portwood has been working hard during her 5 year prison sentence at the Rockville Women's Correctional Facility. In fact, her hard work is allowing her to be released early! In a new interview with RadarOnline Amber revealed:

I did my TABE testing for my GED placement and I did really well. I scored in the advance book so I was very excited. So now I’m in GED classes on weekdays,” Amber told Radar. “I got my scores back and I had college level scores in English. And I got a perfect 12.9 in social studies and science. I have 11 months of GED every Saturday here in CLIFF really paid off.” (TABE: Tests of Adult Basic Education) (CLIFF: Clean Lifestyle Is Freedom Forever program)

Amber will be able to take her GED test in August, and she's been studying hard for it, which means she could be released from jail by October! (Just in time for the Walking Dead ::cough cough::)

I’m working my ass off to get out of here!” Amber continued. Amber is no doubt extremely anxious to be out and with her gorgeous daughter Leah. “She’s so beautiful. She has long blonde hair down to her butt now and she’s getting tall. I can’t wait to get out and spend time with her!” While Gary Shirley doesn't take Leah to see her very often luckily Amber's mother does. She has gotten to see Leah several times.

Amber has been doing so well that she is now the head facilitator of the CLIFF program She deals with all of the scheduling picks the teachers for the students. Amber tells her brother Shawn that she feels like a school principal!

Speaking of Shawn! He had this to say about his sister: “I believe when she gets out in October, or whenever that she will be a completely different person. She will do something with her life and I believe Teen Mom will be a thing of the past.  Amber has begun to create her own story that cannot be twisted by MTV and I just hope she does not get caught up in the spotlight again... I think Amber will be a great motivational speaker and can make a living the responsible way, not by selling herself to Vivid Entertainment.” (Ouch- Farrah Burn!!)

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