Monday, August 5, 2013

VIDEOS Teen Mom 3 'Mondays are a Mother' Promos Alex & Briana

Teen Mom 3 is almost here! Check out the newest promo videos for the new series! Don't miss the premiere on August 26th at 10pm on MTV!

Maci Bookout Returns to MTV in New Special: 'Being Maci'

Teen Mom favorite Maci Bookout is finally returning to our TV screens this month. Maci began filming for her own spin off show last summer around the time of her 21st Birthday. Unfortunately after several months of filming Maci, Bentley and Ryan Edwards MTV decided to pull the plug on the new show. (Which Ryan revealed via twitter.)

Since then Maci has been working with MTV as a host for some Teen Mom aftershows and has been doing her very own podcast called the Kewlest Chic.

Maci and Bentley surprised fans with a special announcement on August first with a video (Which you can watch below). A one hour long special called 'Being Maci' which air on August 18th at 10pm on MTV.

I'm not sure if the special will be too up to date, we will at least get to see what she was up to after Teen Mom ended but much has happened between when all this footage filmed and now. Unless of course MTV caught up with her recently which would be great but we all know how behind MTV is, every season of Teen Mom we see was filmed a year in advance!

So what exactly will we see on the new special? Here is MTV's description:

"The one-hour show will follow 21-year-old Maci in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as she spends time with friends, sorts through local drama and, of course, takes care of her main man, four-year-old Bentley."

Not really much to go on but you get the idea. During this time Maci was out with friends a lot and enjoying the club scene so perhaps fans will get to see the wild side of her that wasn't showcased on Teen Mom.