Friday, September 6, 2013

Teen Mom 3 S1 Episode 3 Recap!

Teen Mom 3 Season 1 Episode 3:
"Growing Up Fast"

This week we get to see Nova's father interact with Briana and Nova. Briana and Devoin talk and she tells him about the court order that she was pursuing in last weeks episode and Devoin seems quite confused on why that action was taken. She proceeds to tell him that she dismissed it but is firm with how Devoin needs to respect her more and treat her as the mother of his (Adorable) daughter.

Briana still struggles with co-parenting with Devoin without her feelings about him getting in the way. Briana's mother Roxanne seemed to have a little faith in Devoin and suggested he comes over and watches Nova by himself for an hour. Briana hesitated but decided to try it out. (Briana tells him they went grocery shopping but really stay in the front of the house the whole time) Devoin makes an attempt to take care of nova (who cries right after Briana leaves) He seemed to try to calm her down even though he appeared to be stressed out. Briana comes back inside after receiving a phone call from Devoin about Nova getting sick after eating. 

This week we see Katie and Joey getting a long a lot better than last weeks episode (at first) and Joey picked up more hours at his coal mining job so they can start saving money. Katie and Joey decide it is time to look for a bigger and better place to live.

They find the perfect apartment and things start to look up for them until Katie and Joey argue over money issues (Joey owes a friend $400 over an old cell phone plan). Katie has doubts about her and Joey's recent engagement because of how things have been. Katie and joey get in a heated argument ending with Joey leaving for work and telling Katie it was over. (Leaving Katie very upset)

Even though Josh has surprised Mackenzie by saying in last weeks episode that he does not in fact want to move into Mackenzie's house; the couple has decided on how to work on things to better themselves for their son, Gannon. Josh and Mackenzie make a plan for Josh to stay 1 night a week over at Mackenzie's house. The couple may have a child together but Mackenzie's mom still does not want them sleeping in the same room (or bed) and expects Mackenzie to wait to have sexual contact until after she is married. Mackenzie's mother gets saddened and confused feelings when Mackenzie comes out to her about getting on Birth Control (IUD) Mackenzie and her mom talk about why she decided to get on BC and why she should wait till marriage. Mackenzie said the birth control was only for safety just in case something happens and not to just be able to have sex whenever they want.

This week Alex and her baby daddy Matt still struggle to get along and Matt be able to actually help out with household duties and to take care of Arabella since Matt is living with Alex and her family (Currently in the show). Matt and Alex argue a lot and matt takes off. Alex and her mom discuss how things are going and her mom tells her that she needs to apologize and not be so hard on him all the time. Matt and Alex than go to a therapy session where Alex does most of the talking and matt just disagree's or agree's the whole time. 

According to Alex next weeks episode is going to be intense for the both of them.