Teen Mom

Catelynn Lowell:

Catelynn is a sweet and amazing young woman who chose adoption for her daughter Carly. Catelynn and Tyler chose a great couple from another state to care for their adorable little girl. The choice was hard but they had faith that they were making the right decision. Catelynn and Tyler's parents were not supportive of their decision but have slowly come around and are more understanding now. The two were able to finish school and move out on their own to become independent adults.

Catelynn struggles with guilt and sadness over giving her daughter up for adoption but always comes through it with a positive outlook. She tells us that she made the best decision she could have and gave Carly a life that she wouldn't have had with her and Tyler. They struggle with their own parents wanting to be involved in Carly's life, and have to set clear boundaries for them. Catelynn and Tyler get to see Carly once a year, and receive photos of her every 6 months or so.

Catelynn and Tyler's relationship is remarkable and the two have remained together and committed through all the pain and hardships the two face. They are engaged to be married next year and can't wait to be ready to be parents.

Maci Bookout:

Maci Bookout was the popular girl in school, Pretty, athletic, smart. She had plans to go off to college after graduation with her friends and handsome boyfriend Ryan. All those plans went out the window when Maci got pregnant in high school. Bentley Cadence Edwards was born October 27, 2008. Ryan and Maci got engaged and moved into an apartment together with their son. Maci struggled to finish school while Ryan worked as many hours as possible. Being Teen Parents was hard on their relationship so they broke up. They each moved back to their parents homes. Ryan and Maci had an up and down relationship but still decided to try to make things work for Bentley, but in the end the two were happier when they were apart.

Maci missed her friends that had all gone off to college so when visiting them she met up with an old friend Kyle. Sparks flew immediately. They soon began dating and Kyle was introduced to Bentley. Even though Maci was still struggling to get any of her online college classes work done she decided to up and move to Nashville to be closer to Kyle. Once there the couple hit a rough spot but manage to work through it. Unfortunately driving 2 hours back and forth from Chattanooga and Nashville wasn't as realistic as Maci thought. Not to mention it was more difficult to give Bentley to Ryan on his days with his father. Maci dropped classes here and there and eventually decided to move back to her home town to make everyone's lives easier. She got a great apartment and Kyle quit his job to move with her.

Since then she has done a lot of public speaking to teens about pregnancy prevention and teen parenting. Her relationship with Kyle is going strong and she is happy that Ryan is finally in a great relationship of his own. Even though Maci wants to get married and make babies with Kyle ASAP, she is holding off for while so that Kyle can be ready and she can finish school.

Amber Portwood:

Amber Portwood started out as a self-declared party gir. She got pregnant at the age of 17 and dropped out of high school. Her daughter Leah Leann Shirley was born November 12, 2008. Leah's father Gary Shirley and Amber have had a rocky on-again off-again relationship ever since. They struggled a lot to maintain their bills and raising a baby while still young themselves. Amber dreamed of getting her high school diploma and being independent. She got in shape and healthy and tried to work on her relationship with Gary, but after a while Amber's depression and anxiety really started to escalate.

After getting physical with Gary during a huge fight that was caught by MTV cameras Amber was charged with domestic violence. Amber decided to find a house of her own to start over fresh with her little girl, but their lives were turned upside down when Amber was confronted by CPS and then arrested and held for 24 hours for the domestic violence charge. Amber managed to avoid going to jail even though she was found guilty, but with the media attacking her at every opportunity and probation and community service to worry about and having to deal with no contact orders and not getting to see her daughter everyday Amber snapped...

She was taken to a hospital one morning after having a mental episode. After released from the hospital she immediately flew to a rehab facility to get her depression and anxiety under control. This meant that she would not be able to shoot the after-shows/ interviews for Teen Mom Season 3. Her health was much more important at the time. MTV was filming her during her stay in rehab though..

Since then Amber has been doing okay. The couple has still been having to deal with CPS, which has put Leah in Gary's care most of the time. Amber has been making positive steps and has been working towards obtaining a high school diploma. She continues to have trouble with the law but will hopefully get her life in order soon.

Farrah Abraham:

A popular, smart, beautiful cheerleader gets the shock of her life when she gets pregnant in high school. Farrah went from the in crowd to outcast and discovered that she had very few real friends. She struggled with wanting a social life and being a young mother but very quickly came to realize what her priorities were.

Unfortunately Sophia's father Derek died in a car accident just before she was born. Farrah has struggled with the harsh reality that her daughter will never know her father. Determined to create a great life for Sophia and herself she obtained a degree in culinary arts & culinary management, after moving to Florida. Farrah is now a successful business woman who wants to accomplish it all for her daughter, Sophia.

Since then Farrah has been making all kinds of business ventures and has been very successful. She is continuing her education and has accomplished more before turning 21 then most do in their adult lives. Farrah's number one priority is her daughter but still dreams of finding Mr. Right.