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 16 & Pregnant on DVD can be found here:
Season 1

Teen Mom on DVD can be found here: 

Teen Mom 2 on DVD can be found here:
Season 1
Season 2

Order Farrah's Book:
My Teenage Dream Ended

Here is where you can get awesome cupcake necklaces like the ones 
Kail and Jenelle have! GiNi's Clay Creations

Ashley Salazar's Book is available 
for purchase here: 
Bittersweet Blessing

Gary has his own line of Gary Time T-Shirts! 
You can purchase one here:

Pacifier T-Shirts Designed by Farrah

The soundtrack is available exclusively through iTunes here and all proceeds 
for purchases made until July 17, 2012 will go to the National Campaign to 
Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.